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Top 5 Reasons to List Your Business Here

1.  People will see it!  You can see how popular the Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz Facebook Page already is after only 7 months.  There are 275 businesses involved and over 600 fans and it just keeps growing.  This web page is now listed on the Facebook page and it is gaining popularity just as the Facebook page has.

2. The more places you have your business listed online, the more opportunity there will be for people to find you and the higher you rank in the search engines.

3. It’s affordable.  Advertising your business here won’t break the bank!

4. The blog post feature gives you an opportunity to share your story and add a personal touch to advertising your business.

5. Many people have already asked for a list of vendors associated with the Facebook page.  Don’t you want YOUR business to be on the list?

Join today!

 If you are already on my Facebook vendor list, email me at carrie@jaxwomensmallbiz to purchase your listing on this site.

If you’re brand new, go HERE for more information about all the options.

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About jaxwomensmallbiz

Carrie is the owner of the Jacksonville Women's Small Biz network, as well as co-owner, along with her husband, of Safety First CPR & Safety Training. Safety First offers various safety training courses, such as Community CPR, Basic First Aid, Child & Babysitting Safety, CPR Pro, Bloodborne Pathogens, Women's Self-Defense and Private Swim Lessons. Find out more at!

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