Mila – Your SUPER Food!

I first met Jodi McLeod back in January when I was at the  Julington Creek Plantation Health Fair.  Jodi is an independent distributor for Mila by Lifemax.  I had heard of Mila before, and even sampled it once, and I was intrigued all over again after hearing her tell me about how it’s changed her life for the better, and also after having the chance to taste some delicious snacks that she made with it.

Jodi recently joined the Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz network and I got a chance to interview her about Mila.  So, if you’re curious like I was, keep reading!

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JWSB: What is Mila and how did you first hear about it? 

Jodi: Mila is a nutrient rich seed, a whole, raw FOOD, not a supplement or a shake mix. Mila is a superior blend of chia (like the chia pet plant!) and Lifemax independently tests each crop to ensure that every bag of Mila has the varieties of chia that are the highest  in omega 3’s, protein, fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. I first heard about Mila from a friend who writes a food blog and we also do yoga together. I’m a vegetarian and I saw that Mila had 3000 mg of omega 3’s and is a good source of plant based protein, so I decided to give it a try.

JWSB: How do you use Mila?

Jodi: I eat a scoop of Mila mixed in with my first meal of the day, be it cereal, a smoothie, or vanilla almond milk.  I will sometimes eat another serving later in the day if I have sore muscles from yoga or if I’m trying to keep from eating too much late in the day. (It’s GREAT for helping to curb your appetite!)  AT LEAST one serving a day is recommended because our bodies don’t store omega 3’s, so we need to keep the supply coming in on a daily basis. More than one serving is fine since it’s a food, like eating sweet potatoes or bananas.

JWSB: How did you go from using Mila to also working for the company to sell it?

Jodi: I went from just consuming Mila to becoming an Independent Distributor because I started feeling a sense of calm and less anxiety and knew it was doing my body good, and I never wanted to stop.  I first thought I just wanted to get Mila at a reduced cost, but then I learned about the business and had an overwhelming response from people who were interested in feeling better from a whole food as opposed to medicines or supplements.

JWSB: How has Mila changed your life and health?

Jodi: Mila has definitely changed my life.  I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager.  The panic had become worse during adulthood.  I had tried many medications, but the side effects were something I was not willing to live with on a day to day basis because I knew what certain triggers brought on my panic attacks.  So I ended up taking an “as needed” prescription. This prescription would pretty much make me VERY drowsy, so when I took it, I would be a zombie and not be totally present.  I felt very sad thinking I was going to go through THE REST OF MY LIFE having to worry about panic attacks. I ate Mila for about 2 months/daily, and we went on a vacation (something that would bring on anxiety and a possible panic attack) and I DID NOT have to take my zombie medication at all! This was a huge breakthrough for me! I had tried every natural remedy under the sun for panic – raw food diet, yoga, meditation, etc. and nothing has touched my panic like Mila has!  It has been a true life changer for me! I now feel “normal” and even.

JWSB: What are some other Mila experiences you’ve heard from your customers?

Jodi: I have had people tell me that Mila has helped them lower their cholesterol and lower their blood pressure. I have heard that it’s improved digestion, increased energy (the energy is a youthful energy, not like a caffeine energy) and produced better sleep (I have had better sleep since I feel less anxious because I don’t worry as much).  I have friends that say that if their child does not eat their Mila every day, the teacher notices, because it has helped their ADHD and anxiety.  And I have heard a lot of people say that it has helped their depression!  Omega 3’s are so good for our brains, and Mila safe plant-based source of 3000 mg omega 3’s.

JWSB: When is your next Mila tasting party?  (Or if someone would like to sample Mila, how can they do that?)

Jodi: I have Mila Tasting Parties almost weekly or bi monthly.  It is simply a get together where you can sample foods with Mila mixed into them, and learn about the health benefits of Mila and the business benefits of Lifemax. The Mila Tasting Parties are about 1- 1 ½ hours, sort of a Happy Hour, since I know everyone is busy.  But this is something that can totally be done part time!  You can get in touch with me if you just want to try Mila to eat, or if you’d like to come to a Mila Tasting Party:

JWSB: What life/vocational changes have you experienced since you’ve become a Mila/Lifemax distributor?

Jodi: I am an elementary art teacher and I am always concerned with budget cuts and being able to remain employed.  I feel that if this ever happened, I would be okay with our income because in less than a year that I’ve been a distributor, I have seen my Lifemax business grow and people being helped. I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth, and have met so many wonderful people, both as customers, and through the love and support of other distributors.

JWSB: Tell us a bit about your family and also how long you’ve lived in Jacksonville. 

Jodi: I am a mother of 3 boys, they are 16, 18, and 20, and yes, they eat Mila!  I’ve lived in Jacksonville since 1989, which is when I met my husband.  He was born here! I really love Jacksonville.  I’ve lived in NY, Chicago, DC and Virginia, but I think I will retire here.

JWSB: What are your favorite hobbies and interests?

Jodi: My hobbies are vegetable gardening, art, lots of yoga and cooking.  My main interest is nutrition.  I think so many people’s health could be helped if they were more aware of the importance of nutrition and safe foods.

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Thank you for sharing with us, Jodi!  Email Jodi at or check out her website HERE.  Oh, and you know the next Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz Networking Event that I’ve been starting to promote?  Well, Jodi will be bringing some Mila samples to share there!  Just another great reason to come!


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