Print Like the Pros!

PrintMy is a wide format Jacksonville-based printing company specializing in photos to canvas, banners, signs, designer frames and more!  Keep reading as we interview owner Erica Bean and find out why you should use PrintMy for your printing needs!

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JWSB: Tell us what Print My is all about and what services you offer.

Erica:  We have helped customers who want everything from trade show banners to whole store branding signage. Our photos on canvas, wedding specialties and designer frames are also popular gift items.

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JWSB: How did you get into doing this type of work?

Erica: When my children were small I wanted to save every moment in time. I knew it was all going to be over in the blink of an eye. I took pictures of EVERYTHING! My home was filled with albums and supplies for scrapbooking, but I still felt as though I was missing out. I had all these great “pages” but none of them were on display anywhere. I decided I wanted images on my walls instead of the oil paintings they were filled with. I ordered large prints from all the typical “labs” but hated how they never looked right. The low quality had me searching for professional labs. To my dismay, their services were not available to me because I was not a professional photographer. But why did I need to be a professional to get quality images printed? I was determined that my pictures were also deserving of quality printing. That is when my mission began! I wanted to offer the availability of professional quality printing to anyone at an affordable price. The same goes for our new frame line, BEAN Framed. They are available at an affordable price to anyone who takes pictures!

print my

JWSB: What do you like best about your business?

Erica: I love the PEOPLE I get to meet! Some of them have been customers from the time I started. I have watched businesses bloom, children grow up and I’ve made some amazing friendships! 

erica 2

erica 3

 JWSB: Which of your products is your favorite?

Erica: Personally, I’ve always LOVED photos on canvas! Canvas gives such dimension and adds interest to your wall art.  And here’s a bit of trivia. Have you ever wondered why some canvas prints have the image on the sides and others don’t? There is a simple explanation; however, getting this effect doesn’t happen without some planning and forethought. When you are submitting photos to be printed on canvas, you need to plan for the image to have approx. 2 inches of “expendable” space on all 4 sides. It’s helpful to have computer software like Photoshop or Elements to custom size and crop your photos. Enlarging your picture to be 2 inches bigger is not the fix, because you are making the images larger, you are not creating more expendable space. Expendable space happens when you are editing, or even taking the photo! Don’t crop it all the way to the edge. If you do crop all the way to the edge, the result, when printed on canvas, would be 1 of 2 things: 1) Blank space on the sides or 2) 2 inches of your image (on all 4 sides) wrapped on the edge with back. This can change the whole vision you had for your art! When we feel an image is going to be affected by the wrap, we let the customer know that opting for blank sides is a better way to go!

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JWSB: What makes PrintMy different from other companies that do photo printing, banners, etc.?

Erica: I believe there are many differences, starting with the quality.  Our printers use 12 ink colors to get photographic quality prints. The images on our banners are crystal clear. If it even looks pixelated (boxy or blurry) before printing, we will not print. This leads us to the next difference- customer service.  Most places print what you want because you asked them to.  We will work with you to help you understand what you’re going to get based on what you’ve supplied us with.  If we know a way to save you money, we will share it with you.  Our customer service is based on the relationship with you as the customer, not based on the sale from a customer.

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JWSB: Tell us about your family and how you juggle a family plus a work-from-home business.

Erica: I was hoping someone could tell me about this! I struggle with this a lot, but I think I am getting better.  I feel as though I work more because my office is at home. My husband is a COO of a local company here in Jax, so he too has a busy work schedule.  Our children are 10 & 14, which seems to be the beginning of when they start to spend more time with friends, so I use that time to focus on marketing and networking.  

Your life as art.

JWSB: When you’re not working on PrintMy, what do you like to do?

Erica: Well, I love to drive my Jeep with the top down and the radio loud!  Helps me decompress J and gives me a chance to explore new locations to do photo shoots. We spend a lot of family time at the beach looking for sea glass, sharks teeth and “perfect shells”.  My dad is a jeweler and we are always trying to find him the best shells to make molds for jewelry pieces!   I am also recovering from a Pinterest addiction! I knew it was bad when I had to MAKE everything I pinned!

Thank you for sharing with us, Erica!  Check out PrintMy on Facebook and at  And if you’ve used PrintMy, leave us a comment and tell us about your experience!


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