Are You an Unmistakable Entrepreneur?

Hi!  My name is Erin Currin and I am The Unmistakable Entrepreneur.

When I started college, I really had no idea what I wanted to do.  I only knew I was wicked good at math.

Engineering?  Nope.  Takes too long.  Computer Programming?  Nah.  Too wordy.  ACCOUNTING!  Yeah.  That’s easy…

And so I began my career in business.

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Over twenty years and three business degrees later, I have worked in several different industries and served in many different jobs, from Accounts Payable Clerk to CFO. 

Through the years, a pattern emerged that affected my choice of employers and, eventually my choice to work on my own.  My most fulfilling positions were with smaller companies where the owners were still very much involved in the day to day.  I had the privilege of working closely with the owners – the passion and pulse of the company.

Another thing I noticed was that I loved to be involved in all aspects of the running of the company.  I enjoy the big picture – watching how all the moving pieces and parts fit together to create success.

When I decided to strike out on my own, I abandoned my career as an accountant.  I thought I had to “be the one” and create a hot idea of my own to play on the same field as the men and women whom I had come to admire.  My husband supported us as I struggled to find my entrepreneurial voice.

I devoured as many Business Strategy and Personal Development courses and seminars as I could find, eager to fulfill the calling I felt within me.  I kept getting smarter, but I wasn’t really getting closer to my dream.

Then one day it hit me…  What was it that I found so captivating about my mentors?  Their dogged determination.  Their tenacity.  Their passion.  These men and women were focused, clear, and disciplined.  They knew what they wanted and they did what it took to make it happen.

It all started to fall into place.  I had shut the door on my natural talent in an effort to transform my life.  But it wasn’t my ability that needed a shift…  It was my perspective.

I realized that I had been developing tenacity just with my sheer determination.  I had never worked so diligently for anything before in my life.  I assumed the title entrepreneur and persistently pushed in the direction of my dreams.  I may not have always been clear where I was headed or how it would look, but I kept at it day after day.

As I explored all my possibilities based on my interests and abilities, I narrowed the playing field.  Like a giant buffet, I took tastes of practically everything from natural wellness to web design.  As a result, I got really clear about what I enjoy doing and what I would be better off hiring out.  That way, I can focus my energies on what turns me on to keep myself passionate and excited.

Finally, I discovered that I can be as tenacious as I want and as clear as crystal and still be missing the mark…  Discipline was lacking in my life.  In the name of being flexible and “Free,” I had created unworkable work habits in the name of freedom.  And my results were in line with my experience.

I began to realize that without discipline, not much happens.  To turn things around, I started developing schedules to clearly and simply state the steps necessary to achieve my goal.  I found that it freed my mind to focus on the action.  It was the ultimate paradox.  Structure actually gave me the freedom I needed to manage my business.


After several years of dedicated learning and exploration, I share what I have learned with others who are serious about success and making their dreams reality.  

The Unmistakable Entrepreneur provides Business Support Services to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.  I offer a unique combination of a university trained Accountant with the real world experience of an Entrepreneur.  Because, as we all know, it never happens quite like the textbook in real life.

So, if you experience the kind of questions and challenges in your business that can’t be answered on the FAQ page, then you just might need to get Unmistakable.

Check out our website to learn about creating an Unmistakable Business Strategy, preparing Unmistakable Financial Statements, or improving your Networking Savvy.


Erin Currin, The Unmistakable Entrepreneur

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