Shear Colors Hair Studio

By Christine Bosman, Owner of Shear Colors Hair Studio

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Having been born in the Midwest and having spent most of my life there, my parents instilled in me that hard work will someday pay off.  At age 18, I had two jobs and I was also going to college; I guess I just enjoyed staying busy.  My careers have ranged from managing tanning salons, to Catering and Sales Manager for a 4-star hotel, to a 5-Star Concierge for an Executive Charter Company. The main component that all of my jobs have in common is Customer Service.  I love being around people.  People can disappoint you, but they can also make you so completely fulfilled and happy.  The career path I chose when I moved to Florida 8 years ago followed the same theme.  With my extensive customer service based background, I chose to pursue a career in an industry that I truly had an interest in. Having had my Nail Technician license since 1995, I chose to advance my opportunity and I became a licensed Cosmetologist in 2006.

In December of 2006, I began working in a salon with one other full time stylist.  The two of us worked morning, noon and night without any guidance or support.  By February 2007, I was in the works to purchase this grossly understaffed salon and by April, with the addition of one other stylist, we became Shear Colors Hair Studio.

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Having now been in business for over 6 years, we are conveniently located on County Rd. 210 W. in the Publix Shopping Plaza and my salon has been filling the demands of a high-end, avant-garde salon with reasonable pricing.  All of the stylists at Shear Colors are just everyday, talented people who take PRIDE in hairdressing.  To us, your hair is your freedom of expression and our canvas for art.  Our goal is to listen to you and provide what you desire.  I have recently expanded and have added talented, youthful, well educated, like- minded stylists to our successful Salon Family.

We are an appointment-based, Paul Mitchell Hair Salon that is always looking to grow “Behind the Bottle.”  (Behind the Bottle is a term that Paul Mitchell uses for hairdressers who are educated and are more than just “behind the chair”… we are also “behind the bottle”!)   We take pride in Continued Education and desire to adapt to the ever-changing hair trends. Being a hairdresser and salon owner, I feel I have the best of both worlds.  I get the creative edge as well as the relationships that I genuinely crave, and I also have the intellectual side that gets stimulated by running the business.  It seems like the perfect balance and I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way. My definition of success has changed over the years and I feel much wiser because of this.  Success, in my mind, is not defined by the amount of capitol you make.  Success has to do with making someone feel completely special every time they look in the mirror.  Success has to do with running a thriving business in a troubled economy for the duration that I have, and being blessed to have the opportunity to continue to grow.  What could be more successful than having the power to make people smile every day like I have been doing for the last 6+ years?  I would say I am successful and I am very proud of that.

Please feel free to search us on the web, and visit our iPhone app or Facebook page.  When you are ready to be transformed and to have a one on one connection with your hairdresser, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and making you look fabulous!

Thank you,

Christine Bosman
Shear Colors Hair Studio

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3 thoughts on “Shear Colors Hair Studio

  1. Donna

    Christine and Carrie you both did a great job on the blog. Christine it sounds like you have a fabulous job and do great work. The before and after pictures are amazing. Keep up the great work. I know what you mean about making people happy. I feel the same way when I match the perfect nanny with a family. I have families that live in your area. I hope to stop by one day soon to say hello!

  2. Mary Faliszek

    Hi “Chris” you indeed have a right to be proud of your success and may all good things continue to come your way. You deserve it all 1 I knew all along you were successful and famous. I am living proof. I was there the 6+ years. I miss you terribly and congrats on the great article. I also miss Sher and the other wonderful ones at the salon. I always walked out with the greatest do’s. You are the best!!!


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