Sweet Missions

Sweet Missions combines a love for all things SWEET and a love for MISSIONS.

Hi everyone!  My name is Tricia Rodgers and I have a Home Bakery Business called Sweet Missions.  My mission is to bake satisfying SWEETS and support MISSIONS at the same time.

1 sweet missions 6

The idea for Sweet Missions began in 2012.  My son Joshua wanted to go to Haiti on a mission trip.  We decided that one of the ways to raise money would be to bake “Nanny’s Chocolate Cake.”  It was a Win/Win for everyone!  It gave my son and I time together, provided funds for the mission trip and supplied those who bought the cake a sweet treat!

Something else monumental happened during this time too!  I found I loved baking as much as I love missions, so I decided to continue baking and began Sweet Missions.

We are ALL called to missions in one way or another.  Some are called to pray, some are called to go and some are called to give financially so others can go.  Baking is something I can do to help others be able to go on mission trips.

Did you know that every Sweet Treat purchased from Sweet Missions helps to support missions here in the US and/or around the World?!  When you let Sweet Missions provide that dessert you need for a special event, class party, gift or just for a sweet tooth, you are supporting missions too!!

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Each week Sweet Missions Bakery gives 15% to someone going on a mission trip or some kind of ministry doing missions type of work.  If you know of someone we can partner with, please message us.

~Featured Items of the Week posted every Monday morning~
There will always be something new each week! We can take orders for other things too! Look through the photo albums and if you see something you would like to order, just let us know!

Contact Tricia at triciarodgers72@gmail.com, check out her WEBSITE and follow Sweet Missions on FACEBOOK.

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YUM!  Which one do you most want to try?


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