Wicked Glam

What’s the story behind Wicked Glam?  Let’s find out!  Here’s our Q&A with Alicia Forman, owner of Wicked Glam. 1 wicked 7 What is Wicked Glam all about?  ​{wickedglam}  is your ultimate destination for delicious all- natural skin care, bath & body treats and herbal remedies. It was created to moisturize and smooth your skin to perfection! My intoxicating facial scrubs, oils, cleansers and soaks are available in a variety of scrumptious scents. My collection blends the healing elements of nature and the sea with bathing rituals and remedies from around the world. I use the most natural ingredients available, including mineral rich salts from the Dead Sea and avocado, grape-seed and apricot oils mixed with honey, ginger, green tea, oats, milk and essential oils.  1 wicked 1  What inspired you to start Wicked Glam?  I started {wickedglam} because I always searched for beauty products that wouldn’t irritate my skin and could never seem to find them! I have always been into spa-like beauty, creating and cooking! As a child, I would mash up berries for a lip stick; as a teen, I became obsessed with skin; and as an adult, I discovered my love of cooking.  I turned my passion for natural beauty and love of cooking into a business. I started using my creations on myself and then my friends wanted to try them, and when they came back for more, that’s when I knew I had an idea. {wickedglam} was founded on the basis that beautiful skin does not have to cost a fortune, be loaded with chemicals or sit on a shelf for years with preservatives to give you beautiful skin.  I use the finest ingredients and make all my products fresh the day you order, like a bakery. That means nothing is ever just sitting around. 1 wicked 2 How did you come up with the name?  I came up with the name from my love of nature {which some would consider to be a witchy quality} and the glam came from my wanting an all-natural product to be more than a bland bar of soap. Natural-glam . . . and then wickedglam seemed to fit.  I also offer a “metaphysical” version of every product I make and create, giving it more of that “witchy” aspect.

What do you like best about your business and about owning your own business?  The part I love about owning my own business is creating products for my company.  I get to research each and every ingredient going into my products and the benefits they bring to your skin.  I believe that what you put on the outside of your body should be just as good as what you put on the inside.  I formulate my products based on the benefits of the ingredients and I really put a lot of time in creating products that actually protect, heal and moisturize your skin naturally.

What is your best selling product?  I have a few best sellers . . . the eczema lotion comes in at number 1. Following after it would be the cuticle cream and the body oil and third place would be the dry facial scrubs. 1 wicked 4 How long have you lived in Jacksonville and what are some of your favorite things about our city?  I am an original native to Jacksonville, born and raised! I think Jacksonville has come a long way with what it has to offer now compared to what it had to offer 15 years ago. The art scene has become such a popular thing! There were no art outlets like there are now!  I really enjoy Jacksonville growing and incorporating more art into our city.

What would you like to share about yourself, your family and/or your background? I am married to my high school sweet heart and we have been together for over 20 years! We have a 14 year son, an adorable dog, a crazy cat and 3 turtles. {wickedglam} started as my hobby but turned into a wonderful little business. I am not out to try to be the next Bath and Body Works; I am happy when I get to actually meet my customers and hear how my products helped their skin, or hear how much they love the scent I created for them. 1 wicked 5 Sum it all up for us!  Everything is all-natural and I have a huge line of skin care with a bath and body care line incorporated. I make everything fresh when ordered. I also offer “metaphysical” products for those into the metaphysical side of life. I add new projects all the time to wickedglam . . . I create customized ribbon boards and small “karma” jewelry. I am not afraid of trying new things by request and I usually have great success when faced with customers’ challenges. 1 wicked 6

Check out my website at www.WickedGlam.com or my Facebook page HERE.  For questions or to contact me about a special product request, email me at wickedglam@att.net.

~ Alicia


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