A Business Owner’s Perspective on Shopping Small

With Small Business Saturday coming up this Saturday, I thought this would be a good time to share this great perspective from Laura Lineberry, owner of Flaire Celebrations.

shop small

“One of the things I’m convicted about is wanting people to support my small business, buy local because of my shop, but then I turn around and shop online because it’s easier rather than seeking out other small businesses. So I’m personally going to try and support more of the women in the Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz group.  As much as the big corporate world is stacked against the mom-and-pop shop anyway, we small business owners are guilty of supporting the corporate giants.  Wal-Mart doesn’t need us, but we need each other.  I think it’s worth reminding ourselves that we small business owners are in this together. Sure, some of us are in competition with each other, but if it doesn’t start with us, how can we take the message to customers to shop small, shop local.  Buy local . . . or bye-bye, local.

When I taught in a Christian school, it really bothered me that the members of the school board didn’t send their kids to the school.  How can you actively support and direct a school when you’re unwilling to put your true faith in it by allowing those teachers to educate your child?    This was my personal take-away from meeting ladies at our last Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz networking meeting.  They are women like me, with hopes and fears for their companies.  And it was a reminder:  if I need a cake, don’t go to Publix. If I need interior design help, don’t go to a big furniture store. If I want a massage, don’t go to a national chain.  If I need jewelry or accessories, do not go to the mall.  That’s what I would tell people about encouraging them to get involved with the Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz – start by supporting other small businesses, and watch it come back to you in many positive ways.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Laura!  Thank you.  And SHOP SMALL, everybody!


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