Benefits of Shopping Children’s Consignment Sales

The time of year is upon us when we take look around and try to purge our houses of excess: outgrown clothes and shoes, unused high chairs and pack n plays and toys that have been replaced for the latest interest. As parents in the Jacksonville area, we have many options available but I’m here to tell you why your best option is a local Children’s Consignment Sale.


My name is Kathleen McArthur and I own the Jump N Jax Consignment Sale. Before you write me off as being biased, I’ve been an avid consignment shopper, volunteer and then consignor for over four years before I took over Jump N Jax. I grew up with yard sales and then scoured Craigslist for years before being introduced to the consignment experience. Here are some things I’ve learned over the years and hope to pass along to you.

A Consignment Sale is like a multi-day, community yard sale without the absurd early hours, without the threat of being rained out and without the hassle of haggling. Consignors set non-negotiable prices. After drop off, the consignor’s job is done. We at Jump N Jax handle the rest. There’s no sitting in the sun for hours wondering if the right someone will come by to purchase that excellent baby swing. And it’s fun watching a shopper in line gush over an outfit not knowing that the person selling it (you!) is standing right behind her.


The quality of items at a Consignment Sale have been thoroughly checked before being placed on the floor, so as a buyer, you’re not taking a gamble on whether that used baby monitor really works. And, unlike a yard sale, you’re likely to find everything you’re looking for all under one roof! Plus there’s one check-out area and we accept major credit cards! No more searching in your purse for that last five dollar bill you knew was in there yesterday.

Like Craigslist or a Facebook swap group, you’re likely to get more money for your items at a Consignment Sale than at a yard sale. Unlike Craigslist, when you’re at a consignment sale, you feel a sense of community. I’ve made many friends while volunteering and shopping at consignment sales. For your own safety, you should take along a friend when you’re meeting someone on Craigslist. Usually you have to beg a friend to go with you to meet up with random strangers. Those same friends are more than willing to save your spot in line waiting to get in to the consignment sale!  When you take a friend to go shop consignment sales together, it’s so you can get a second opinion on that adorable outfit or advice on how exactly you’re supposed to use one of those baby slings! Other people shopping at the sales are there for the same reason as you, to find a good deal on much needed items. It’s easy to make a friend with those in line with you when you notice they’re buying clothes the same size or you meet the mom-to-be who also named her body pillow and would love to meet up for coffee later. Browsing and buying from classifieds like Craigslist can be a chore, but shopping a consignment sale can be a party!

Jump N Jax is a semi-annual children’s consignment event that’s been held in the greater Jacksonville area for over nine years. For more information on how to consign, shop or volunteer with Jump N Jax, please see Our next sale is Feb 6th-9th, with some items half off on the 9th. We welcome new moms and first responders to join us for our pre-sale Wednesday afternoon on the 5th. Our volunteers are the first to shop the evening of the 4th with our pre-sale party! Our location for our Spring/Summer 2014 sale is 3566 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, 32210. We are right next to Winn Dixie on the corner of Wilson & Blanding Blvd. For more information, feel free to contact or like us on Facebook.



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