Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Hello, Jacksonville Women’s Small Biz blog readers!  My name is Julianne Sorg, owner of Therapy Boutique and Nail Salon.

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As women, whether successful business owners, women who work outside of the home or women who work in the home, it is important and makes us feel good to maintain our appearances. One of the ways to do this is by receiving regular manicures and pedicures. Let me ask you this . . .  do you really know what your Nail Technician is using on your nail beds?  And is he/she complying with sanitation laws? During your time in the salon, does your Nail Tech give you a consultation and address any health issues you might have, such as cracked heels, ingrown nails or dry skin? Do you feel comfortable placing your toes into their tubs and having them use their cuticle pushers and foot files on your bare skin?

Sanitation and nail health are more important than you may realize. The next time you go into your salon, take a look around. Are the pedicure tubs being cleaned in between appointments? Are the instruments used on the last client soaking in disinfectant solution? Are new towels being used during your service? Is your Nail Tech concerned for your nail health? Do you know what type of products are they using on you? Is the overall appearance of the salon clean? Does your Nail Tech wash his/her hands before each service? These are ALL indications of a sanitary salon.  Being a salon owner, I have heard horror stories from my poor clients. Fungus, harmful bacteria and many diseases can be spread if these important nail salon practices are not followed.  (Yuck!!) Please take a look and make sure you are being safe.

If you are looking for a clean, caring, and relaxing Nail Salon, come see us at Therapy Boutique and Nail Salon, across from III Forks in Tapestry Park at 9823 Tapestry Park Circle, Suite 15, (904) 312-7988.  Also follow us on Facebook!  We can’t wait to see you!!

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