Children’s Consignment – the perfect example of “Mommy-economics”!

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When your little bundle of joy arrives, it seems they arrive with a houseful of things with them. Clothes are just the tip of the iceberg- they also need swings, bouncy seats, highchairs, strollers (umbrella, double, sit and stand, jogging), walkers, car seats, infant carriers, blankets (swaddling, light blankets for napping, small ones for playing)- and did we mention the room? They will need their own room, complete with a crib, changing table, rocker, matching drapes and rug and the cute lamp. . .

If you consider point out the costs that are associated with buying all of these items, it is enough to overwhelm even the most prepared parent. That is, if you buy them new. That’s where Children’s Consignment (and WeeTRADE) save the day (and your money!)

The definition of the word consign is to “deliver (something) to a person’s custody, typically in order for it to be sold.” Mommy definition- let someone else sell your no longer needed children’s items to make you money. It is a simple, yet effective way for new parents to make some cash with little to no effort. At some point in the first year, all new parents will go through their child’s outgrown clothing and equipment. Moms just need to take it a step further if they wish to consign those goods. Separate sizes and match outfits together. When coming across an item with a stain, rip or tear, go ahead and put it in a box to be donated. What about all of those walkers, bouncys, strollers . . . ? Check out a recall site such as to make sure that it hasn’t been recalled for any reason. If it has not, go head a take a cleaning wipe (like a Clorox or Lysol wipe) to its hard surfaces and wash anything that can be washed in the washing machine. This will maximize your profit! Wait until your little ones are asleep or at school and sort through their toys they have outgrown. If you are consigning at WeeTRADE, you can enter and tag your items online. In your pajamas. At 3am. It is super convenient and easy. Don’t want to input or tag your items? No problem- the ladies at WeeTRADE will do it for you! Remember, those clothes, strollers and highchairs aren’t making any money just sitting in your garage.

There is another side to Children’s Consignment sales – and it is the one most parents are familiar with – and that is shopping a Consignment sale! These sales allow parents to purchase items at a substantially lower price than retail, usually 50% or more for gently used baby equipment, clothes and furniture. Let’s face it, kids outgrow clothing and toys faster than we parents can earn the money to buy the things they need. It only makes sense to buy used. Events like WeeTRADE make it easy and fun to do both. With only 4 sales a year (two in San Marco & two in South Duval), WeeTRADE is a flash sale of higher-end children’s clothing, toys and equipment. It is only 4 days, with a presale for consignors to begin the sale on Wednesday and a half price day on Saturday to wrap it up. With many opportunities for moms to earn coveted early shopping privileges as well as simple, clear consigning instructions, it is the perfect sale for the new parent (or Grandparent!)

WeeTRADE recently celebrated its 25th consignment event in Jacksonville, and the first sale of 2014 begins on February 5 at their San Marco location. Want to learn more? Visit their website at!

WeeTRADE Name Brand Consignment Events!
San Marco-Feb 5-8
3560 University Blvd W
University Blvd & St Augustine Rd
Between LA Fitness & Dollar Tree

Southern Duval Feb 26-Mar 1
11250 Old St Augustine Rd
295 & Old St Augustine
Btwn Hobby Lobby & Publix

Shop to Save~Sell to Earn

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